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Real Conversations: My brother on SPAM….

Bro: SPAM is nasty.

Me: Spam?

Bro: Yeah…Spam.

No one wants spam in their mailbox… nobody wants Spam in their body. It’s brick meat. Brick ass meat!

Me: laughing

Bro: Spam is nasty as fuck! Thats like some shit you find right in the street. Its so cheap. Thats what spam is… Brick Meat in a Can. There is nothing appealing about it at all. I know some people out there are poor and can’t afford… but I don’t care if I was poor as shit. You can put all the seasoning on it you want…there ain’t no way around that shit… SPAM

Me: Laughing

Bro: They must of been high as shit when they named it… they were like “uhhh that looks like… like… like fuckin’ SPAM!!” I mean look at that… if you can mold it into shapes… thats fuckin nasty.

Me: laughing

Bro: Its probably the most disgusting meat ever… seriously.

It plops onto the plate. You don’t even put it on the plate. The only other thing that plops is shit or other nasty shit. Shit plops out of my ass.

Imagine someone describing that to you. What is too crunchy, buttery, meaty, too soft, and canned? Like what is that? That sounds disgusting.

The more shit I read the nastier and nastier its becoming.

I mean for all we know SPAM is made out of animals asshole.

I thought it was already ham? How do you add more ham to ham?

Meat that comes in flavors? Like what? Different flavors of meat? Meat in a spreadable form? Goddamn! So now you can spread it like butter?

That shit looks like that wet catfood!

Damn… they said SPAM spray…. whoo! I imagine someone throwing up SPAM and they put it in a can… “Alright, we got SPAM spray ya’ll”

If you can buy your canned meat at the gas station…. that is dirty as shit.

Thats fucked up as shit. Whoever created that fucked up… I mean I know they made a lot of money.

SPAM in a CAN… SPAM in a CAN…. SPAMINACAN….SPAMINACAN…Getcha SPAMINACAN shit thats a tongue twister.